What is an ATS and how does it work?

ATS stands for Automatic Transfer Switch. It's also sometimes known as Automatic Mains Failure system, or AMF. An ATS is used to automatically control the start up and shut down of a diesel generator in the event of a mains power outage.

What are the benefits of an ATS?

When you have an ATS installed it will mean you won't have to go outside and manually start your diesel generator. An ATS will automatically detect when there is a mains power failure and within a few seconds will restore power back to the house. An ATS must be professionally installed by a qualified electrician.

An ATS is perfect if you are away from home a lot and have the need for constant power to your property. For example if you have medical equipment that needs to be used around the clock or a fish pond that needs heating and 24/7 filtration. 

ATS systems are also very useful if you have a business. For example an ATS can help keep power to refrigeration units or IT equipment such as servers.

Is there an alternative?

There are Manual Transfer Switches (MTS) - these are very similar but the difference is, that you would have to manually switch over the power in the event of an outage. So if you were away for example, the generator would not be able to start automatically like with an ATS.

Alternatively you can go outside to your generator and switch on with a key. 

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