What To Look For When Buying An Air Compressor

Used to convert power into energy, an air compressor can serve several different functions- whether it’s supplying clean high-pressure air for gas cylinders, or modern clean air for pneumatic HVAS systems in schools and offices.

They are commonly used for filling high pressure tanks for pumping up tyres, or for large-scale industrial processes such as petroleum coking.

But how do you choose the right device for your needs?

For starters you need to choose between an electric and petrol air compressor, but there’s also a big difference between domestic and commercial machines.

Commercial machines like the Hyundai Petrol Driven Air Compressor, sold at Machine Direct Ltd, are a lot more powerful and usually a lot larger, with an increased tank capacity and the ability to power multiple air tools at the same time.

This Petrol Air Compressor features a large 200L CE certified air tank, a slow running twin belt drive and twin cast iron cylinder compressor pump, and produces a maximum pressure of 145psi / 10bar.

Since they’re larger, commercial machines are more likely to be static and used in garages and workshops. 

Domestic air compressors like the Hyundai 24L can be plugged into any conventional residential power socket and be operational as soon as taken out of the box. As might be expected, these are much more affordable than commercial machines, with Machine Direct Ltd offering this air compressor for only £109.98.

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