Tips On Choosing The Best Chainsaw

Chainsaws make cutting wood much more straight-forward and quicker, enabling you to do it with far greater accuracy.

When choosing a chainsaw, you naturally want assurance it will be as safe as possible and easy to use, with a good power to weight ratio. Generally, the type of chainsaw you buy depends on how robust you require it to be.

Petrol chainsaws are generally more expensive than electric devices, but there isn’t a huge difference in price. Cordless electric chainsaws are one of the simplest to operate and can be used anywhere in the garden, although they’re not as powerful as petrol devices.

It’s also important to buy appropriate protective clothing for this type of work.

Impressive cutting power for domestic garden users.

At Machine Direct Ltd we have a range of chainsaws from top brand Hyundai which are designed to appeal to the domestic user. These chainsaws are highly affordable with our cheapest model only £142.50.

Offering exceptional cutting performance, they vary in size and power, and are extremely easy to adjust thanks to automatic lubrication and safety chains which provide full protection in case of a kick-back.

Among our range of chainsaws is the HYC36Li which is part of their brand-new lithium-ion battery range. With this device, you will have no risk of spilling petrol and have no wires to worry about. It also has a charging time of only 1.5 hours and is designed to perform for an incredible 1000+ charges.

Our cheapest chainsaw is the P6220C 62cc 2-stroke petrol chainsaw which is also powered by Hyundai and available for delivery in April. This machine is only £104.98 and is extremely powerful, being designed for both professional and domestic use. With its anti-vibration technology, you can enjoy increased comfort even during extensive use.

We have a range of Hyundai trimmers which are perfect for preparing for spring.