Competitively Priced P1PE Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is suitable for even the most demanding cleaning tasks. As their name suggests, they use a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, dust mud, chewing gum and much more.

These machines can offer both gentle and more aggressive cleaning, with some pressure washers capable of being 75 times more powerful than a garden hose.

At Machine Direct Ltd we have a wide choice of cleaning machinery which includes the P1PE series of pressure washers.

If you’re looking for an extremely effective machine, the P1PE Honda Powered Pressure 3200psi Washer could be ideal. Using high-quality Italian high-pressure pipes, the P1PE pressure washer is perfect for a wide range of cleaning tasks and ideal for the semi-professional user. The device has two puncture proof tyres which allow it to be moved across rough surfaces with ease.

Our most affordable P1PE pressure washer is the P72800A which is only £219.90. When buying this brand, you can be assured of their quality: P1PE always work with Tier 1 manufacturers to produce the best quality products.

Machine Direct Ltd can offer same day dispatch with hassle-free returns for all customers. Why not browse our range of P1PE Pressure washers today?